Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Americana Wall-Hanging

This Primitive Americana wall-Hanging was made with muslin and jean material, warm and natural batting and americana designs from Heartstrings Embroidery. Once assembled, I soaked it in some great smelling grubby stain(coffee,tea,cinammon & concentrated oils). It truly looks like it came out of grandma's attic, but doesn't smell like it(LOL).

2 Eyes upon my Face-Annie Pillow

I am a huge fan of Raggedy Ann and Andy Designs. Stephanie from Heartstrings Embroidery has a great primstitch club, which of course I belong to. She features all sorts of Primitive designs and for sure includes Raggedy Ann. This pillow was made using her fonts for the lettering and both dolls too. I grubby stained the pillow and stuffed it full of cluster stuffing.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Hedda Hare Easter Basket

Hedda Hare is another great easter basket I made using those adorable eggs, I did over cook that one egg. She sure smells awesome though and oh so cute. I think she needs some of those carrots and she'll be good to go. She will be for sale after I dress her up a bit.

Primitive Easter Basket Centerpiece-Complete with Carrots

Here is a Easter Centerpiece I recently stitched up, soaked and stuffed. This item was recently sold on my Ebay. Those eggs are the most adorable eggs I have ever made. How bout that carrot too- wow is all I can say. These eggs are also machined embroidered. The designs are from Seneca Ponds Graphics and the designs were digitized by Heartstrings Embroidery. Two very talented ladies.

Religious Easter Hand Towel

This is another hand towel I did in white. No matter which color towel I embroidered these designs on, they turned out gorgeous.

Spring into Easter-Bath or Kitchen towel set

April Showers bring may flowers and also easter past. These are beautiful designs I embroidered on some Hand Towels. These designs are from Heartstrings Embroidery. They stitched like a dream and are the bright colors and pretty pastels. These will be up for sale on my doodleshop which will be opening soon.

Personalized Micro Fiber Rooster Towel

Here is a towel that I personalized for my mother. She has her kitchen decorated with Roosters and this waffle weave towel was just perfect to embroider for her. She loves it and proudly hangs it up and uses it too. Most of the towels that I embroider are usable and washable. My tea-stained items I do not recommend washing as the color and scent will fade.

Grandma's Bumble Bee's Customized T-shirt

Here is one for myself of course-again with a summer theme- bumble bee's. The kids get a kick out this shirt cause grandma runs ragged when she see's a bee. I am allergic to them also. The wasps are the worst. Grandma becomes somewhat of a hermit when the heat is on and they hang around. I have alot of fun with these designs- you can too, just email me with your ideas. I am also able to do just one shirt. Some places want bulk and large quantities, I like to service the smaller more one on one customers and small businesses out there wanting to get some advertisements without having to spend a fortune.

Grandma's Lil Stinkers-Customized T-shirt

Here is a T-shirt I made for myself. Our 7th grandchild has arrived. Joseph was born on April 9th. He is truly another blessing to add to our family tree. This shirt can be done in different colors & fonts. The possibilities are endless.