Thursday, January 31, 2008

Custom Logo Work for Local Plumbing Supply

See what you can do with your business. With the help of a great digitizer, we can create customized items for your business events. These items are for an Annual Chilli cook-off at the local Chillicothe Plumbing Supply in Chillicothe Missouri.

We made Beanie hats, Hooded sweatshirts and I added a few free samples to the order, so everyone could see what we can do for your company. A sweater and scarf.

CPS has 3 stores and with many events they attend to advertise their business, they come to me for ideas. In the past we have made kitchen towels, totes, t-shirts, sweatshirts,scarves, hats and much more too come.

If you are in need of items to help advertise your business, please contact me today and Let's Get Creative.

Digitizing credits go out to Heartstrings Embroidery. She has done all of my company Logos thus far and does a wonderful job for me the end user. We can take your business card and transform it into stitch files and then let the fun begin. To visit her site, click on the link:

Thanks to CPS for coming to me for your business advertising needs.


Jill K said...

Good morning Char! I LOVE your blog site! I am totally impressed with you, your products, and the fact that you are fast becomming a techno-junkie!

Connie said...

Char! I'm so proud of you! Your logo's look great.:)