Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Reunion Gifts

My son in law came to me for help. They have a family reunion each year. To help offset the costs of renting the hall, they have a silent auction to raise money for next years party. What a great idea. I made three different gifts for him to take with. Toilet Paper Embroidery is a great inexpensive gift and so are bath towels. They are very popular gift giving ideas. So if you are in the market for gifts, be sure to stop by here and my website to get some ideas. We can customize a basket if you like, TP, Bath Towels, Soap-or kitchen gadgets, candle,towels or table runner. Handmade gifts are approriate for everything from Weddings, Anniversaries, baby Showers, Family Reunions and so much more. Let me help you create that one of a kind, unique gift that they will love.

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