Monday, July 7, 2008

Turkeys in the Backyard

This morning my husband and I went out the front door and in the backyard we saw these amazing wild turkeys. Of course, we ran back in the house, grabbed the camera and Galen snuck downstairs and out the door to take a few snapshots. Our son and son in law are avid turkey hunters and Galen has taken a liking to the fall hunt too, if the weather has cooled down. The boys prefer Bow Hunting, galen prefers his turkey shotgun. I myself find that embroidering turkey designs are a real challenge, with so many colors, I appreciate seeing the real thing and refer to them often for help when stitching out my wildlife animals. I do the same with deer designs, I run downstairs and at the head of the stairs is Galens greatest whitetail hanging there. I study the colors well and enjoy when I can take time to embroider wildlife.

Enjoy the pictures

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